About Us

MasterCast has been in business since 1976, but we only manufactured Lucite/acrylic products until 1990 when we merged with a company called Narragansett Promotions, a manufacturer of emblematic jewelry sold primarily to fraternal organizations.

Our main product lines are:

1. Emblematic and/or Recognition Jewelry: including keytags, pins, medallions, belt buckles, money clips... almost any promotional product that features a corporate logo.

2. Golf Accessories: including premium, deluxe and economical golf divot tools, ballmarkers, money clips, tournament badges, and golf jewelry.

3. Lucite Embedments: featuring embedments, including screened acetates, printed cards, photographs... or featuring your client's products.

4. Acrylic Awards: fabricated or cast Acrylic product with logos/messages imprinted on the surface via screening, engraving or laser etching.

MasterCast's Management:

Dave Katseff, MAS: President, with over 35 years experience in making and marketing Lucite/acrylic products.

Patti Quinn: National Sales Manager, over 25 years experience helping customers to order emblematic jewelry products and Lucite/acrylic products for their clients promotional and motivational programs.

Joshua Katseff: Vice President & General Manager, over 15 years experience in Marketing & Sales activities for both MasterCast & Marken Industries.

Tom Lawrence: Production Manager, over 30 years experience developing and manufacturing emblematic and recognition jewelry products, especially fine pewter emblems and awards.

If you cannot locate a Promotional Products distributor in your area to help you with emblematic jewelry or acrylic projects, please email us at info@MasterCast.com for our recommendation.